Fair warning for you fair listener, this podcast includes mention of pineapple on Pizza, sorry!!   I found the guest for this podcast when I was readi...View Details

In an unexpected turn of events for the podcast my guest (Simon Ashton from Phoenix Leaders) mentions context before me.  We get into a lot of areas a...View Details

On the title alone this episode may not seem to fit this podcast and the opposite is the case.  As an evidence based practitioner my guest (Rob Baker)...View Details

Carol Dweck's Mindset (2006) and Angela Duckworth's Grit (2016) are two of the most influential social science texts of this century, but difficulty i...View Details

In this episode Mark Gilroy (@thatmarkgilroy) reprises his role as host of the podcast so that I can tell my story.  Long time listeners will be famil...View Details

My guest for this podcast is Dr Emily Hofstetter (bio here  https://emilyhofstetter.ca/ ) and we get into geeky (as is often the case with me) detail ...View Details

This episode looks at neuroscience and organisational change. My guest on this podcast, Hilary Scarlett, is both a practitioner and an author and in t...View Details

This episode looks at Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The topic in this episode is one that I’m very conscious of and aware of because as a middle ...View Details

This episode is a new format for the podcast.  I have gone back over some of our previous episodes and pulled together a 'best of sort of episode with...View Details

This episode looks at evaluating learning. My guest is someone whose surname spikes a lot of discussion and debate within learning and development, or...View Details

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