In this episode Mark Gilroy (@thatmarkgilroy) reprises his role as host of the podcast so that I can tell my story.  Long time listeners will be famil...View Details

My guest for this podcast is Dr Emily Hofstetter (bio here ) and we get into geeky (as is often the case with me) detail ...View Details

This episode looks at neuroscience and organisational change. My guest on this podcast, Hilary Scarlett, is both a practitioner and an author and in t...View Details

This episode looks at Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The topic in this episode is one that I’m very conscious of and aware of because as a middle ...View Details

This episode is a new format for the podcast.  I have gone back over some of our previous episodes and pulled together a 'best of sort of episode with...View Details

This episode looks at evaluating learning. My guest is someone whose surname spikes a lot of discussion and debate within learning and development, or...View Details

This episode tackles a current and complicated area of Digital Body language.  Digital communication, learning and interaction continue their upward ...View Details

This episode kicks of 2019 at the start of a new period of change and challenge for me.  This is my review of 2018 and a look ahead to 2019.  I am ver...View Details

This episode tackles a notoriously tricky area, Organisational Change.  One thing is for sure that for HR, Learning and Organisational Development pra...View Details

For this episode we delve into Community Management with our guest Ady Howes (@adyhowes).  Now there is an argument that with the Emotion at Work hub ...View Details

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