Friday Jun 11, 2021

Episode 50 - Emotion at Work in the Imposter Phenomenon

In this episode, Phil talks about the Imposter Phenonemon or more commonly known as the Imposter Syndrome. No guest is featured here but rather it includes targeted questions and reflection times throughout the episode for you as a listener to consider.


Who we are making comparisons with and who those comparisons are against is an area that is reflected on here. Whether that comparison happens within oneself, in the workplace, or observed in others, different perspectives are explored. Within these perspectives, Phil gives the listener some time to reflect on the learnings throughout and for instance, focus on the question “Where does that comparison come from?”.


Comparison, the comparative aspect applied by managers and in general the comparative nature of our everyday living is explored in detail, with examples where other key themes such as Meritocracy and individualistic structure are visible. “Comparison is the thief of joy”, as Roosevelt once said, and that is something to keep in mind while listening.


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Ran out of room - there were a couple of "Wow...really??" moments: 1) is avoidance ever really a good strategy? Most IPs are successful- they rarely avoid...v interested in that. And 2) performative IP!!!! As someone who suffers (in every sense of that word) with IP that's made me sad and angry. But, as you say just another level of comparison at play..

Thursday Jun 17, 2021


Great episode Phil. The comparison angle is fascinating to me and will continue to think about that. Q: do you categorise self comparison, usually leading to false or overly high expectations in the same way as perfectionism? Where do these idealised versions of super-self come from? And I'd not thought about generalised anxiety and IP in this way before. So you've given me a lot to think about there - for me personally and for my clients.

Thursday Jun 17, 2021

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