Friday Oct 02, 2020

Episode 45 - Emotion at Work in Emotion Expression

Fair warning for you fair listener, this podcast includes mention of pineapple on Pizza, sorry!!
I found the guest for this podcast when I was reading one of his papers and I LOVED it. The link will follow in the show notes.  We open up with the standard unexpected and innocuous question and that takes us into the pineapple incident and then we get into the podcast proper. Arik discusses three characteristics that impact and affect the appropriateness of emotion expression (and associated social outcomes for the displayer), they are:
Characteristics of the displayer - e.g. Gender  
Characteristics of the display - e.g. Intensity of the emotion 
Characteristics of the context - e.g. the setting (virtual vs face to face/physical)
He also goes on to discuss the idea of emotion (in)authenticity too which I found fascinating. I also (maybe cheekily) make some suggestions about how his model may be enhanced by looking at some socio-linguistics elements too.  
For me, the social aspects of emotional expression, especially in the workplace are under-discussed and under-researched, hence my wanting to do this podcast. If you want to get hold of Arik you can find him here:
Your links and references to the key areas and ideas we discussed are below:
Around 12 minutes Arik mentions his research in a hospital setting and you can find that paper here -  
Around 20 minutes Arik and I talk about anger as an emotion and 'the line' and there is an interesting research paper on that here -
Around 25 minutes Arik mentions a study about the moderating factor of clarity of the transgression or if you have been 'wronged' and you can find that here -   
Around 30 minutes Arik mentions the study that he did that explored how happiness and anger spread around virtual teams and you can find that here -  
Around 34 minutes Arik mentions the research is done in the lab and the field around happiness and sadness and the impact on outcomes for the 'display-er' and you can find that here -   
Around 36 minutes we talk about the paper that got me interested in chatting with Arik and you can find that here -
Around 38 minutes Arik mentions his research on emojis and smilies and you can find that paper here - 
Around 41 minutes I mention the TEDx talk that Arik did and you can find that here -
Around 46 minutes Arik mentions the Emotion as Social Information (ESI) model by Van Kleef and you can find more on that here -
Around 51 minutes Arik mentions the civility of expression of emotion and I link that to other podcast episodes around socio-linguistics and you can find out more episodes here - and here -
Around 1 hour and 7 minutes, I mention Paul Ekman's book 'Emotions Revealed' and you can find that here -
Around 1 hour 13 Arik mentions a researcher called Karen Niven and you can find her bio here -
Arik sent across some papers for our listeners as well:
Carrying too Heavy a Load? The Communication and Miscommunication of Emotion by Email
Crossing the line(s): A dual threshold model of anger in organizations
The Dark Side of a Smiley: Effects of Smiling Emoticons on Virtual First Impressions
The interpersonal effects of emotion intensity in customer service: Perceived appropriateness and authenticity of attendants' emotional displays shape customer trust and satisfaction.
The Interpersonal Dynamics of Emotion: Toward an Integrative Theory of Emotions as Social Information
Expression of Emotion as Part of the Work Role:
Anger and happiness in virtual teams: Emotional influences of text and behavior on others' affect in the absence of non-verbal cues
Encountering Anger in the Emergency Department: Identification, Evaluations and Responses of Staff Members to Anger Displays
Happy listening!
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