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November 5, 2018 @ 5:58 am

Episode 33 - Emotion at Work in Organisational Change

This episode tackles a notoriously tricky area, Organisational Change.  One thing is for sure that for HR, Learning and Organisational Development practitioners we are working with change.  My guest this week is the wonderful Julie Drybrough (@fuchsia_blue on Twitter and her website is here https://fuchsiablueblog.wordpress.com/about/ ).  In this wide ranging conversation we explore how aspects of; identity, belonging, control, power can all affect organisations and their ability or propensity to change.  Jools talks about the 'invisible hand' that guides what happens in organisations and how in her work, she often makes that invisible stuff visible.  

We both share some specific examples from past and present work and talk about the strategies, techniques and methods we use to support organisations and ourselves as practitioners too.  

As always, here are your references:

The blog post Jools wrote about culture change and fog


Quote from Martin Luther King Jr about love and power


Martin Bubers 'I and Thou'


The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle


William Isaacs and Dialogue - the art of thinking together


'On Dialogue' by David Boam



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