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October 12, 2018 @ 5:21 pm

Episode 32 - Emotion at Work in Community Management

For this episode we delve into Community Management with our guest Ady Howes (@adyhowes).  Now there is an argument that with the Emotion at Work hub recently launched (https://community.emotionatwork.co.uk) this episode is either Phil being really shameless, sensible or maybe even organised.  You, fair listener can choose ;-))

During the conversation Ady and Phil explore; emotions for community members, managers, leaders in organisations and the links into culture too.  They also share some of their experiences of community management done well and.... less well.  


Your references for this one:

Buzzing Communities by Richard Millington and thanks to Jo Cook (@lightbulbJo) for the recommendation


The 5 P's of Community Management from the amazing Mike Collins (@CommunityMike)


The Diffusion of Innovation Curve:


Festival of Work 2019 (aka the L&D Show)


Thanks for listening

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