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February 1, 2018 @ 6:00 am

Episode 16 - Emotion at Work Stories - Imposter Syndrome

This episode picks up the Emotion at Work in Stories theme I shared at the start of 2018. This time with Amanada Arrowsmith (@pontecarloblue) as my guest, we take a trip into how imposter syndrome has been a part of her life from early childhood but really took hold in her early twenties.

We explore this internal voice that often tells her that she’s not good enough, not enough, that she will be found out and can cause crippling self doubt. We get into where that voice has come from, what has given it voice, how she quietens it, her strategies for working with it effectively.

As well as exploring the practical, tangible and everyday things Amanda has done and continues to do, we get into how society, norms and life can shape the formation and growth of this ‘inner critic’.

With this being a Stories episode there aren’t many references as such. There are some things from the news and other places we talk about and here are the links to those things:

Story about the liver branding surgeon


Reading I did around types of Imposter Syndrome


Does imposter syndrome affect women more than men?


Sas Petherick


Blog from Gemma Dale (@HR_Gem) on Imposter Syndrome 




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