Thursday Jan 18, 2018

Episode 15 - Emotion at Work in Memory & Learning

In this episode, you get to hear Nick Shackleton-Jones, Sukh Pabial & I explore and share our views of emotion, cognition, memory, and learning.  The conversation takes turns and explores areas I didn’t plan or expect and was really interesting all the same.
We talk about the affective context model where Nick suggests that as humans everything that we think, has an emotional basis behind it.  We talk about using repetition in learning, making things memorable and emotionally evocative, and how at times we just need to attend to what others are concerned about.
As we cover a lot of ground, there are a LOT of resources and links all listed below.
Nick’s original blog post that started this conversation
Sukh’s post in response
Friedrich Nietzsche
Martin Heidegger
Relevance Theory
Working memory summary
TED talk on how your working memory makes sense of the world
Episodic memory summary
Semantic (or declarative memory)
Herman Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve
Summary of Bartlett’s 1932 Study ‘war of the ghosts’
Elizabeth Loftus talking at TED about the fallability of memory
Harris (1973) study into estimates of basketball player height
Concern - Task - Resource Model
Iowa Gambling Study
Paul Ekman and Emotion
Tal Ben-Shahar and wellbeing and positive psychology 
Martin Seligman and positive psychology
The Charity Mind
Antonio Damasio - Descartes error
How we decide by Jonah Lehrer
Daniel Kahneman- Thinking Fast and Slow
The TED talk I mention how people look back on their lives positively
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