Thursday Nov 02, 2017

Episode 12 - Emotion at Work in Impression Management

This is a long episode. Mainly because this is a complex and complicated area.  Also though, Prof Dawn Archer and I are research colleagues and friends too. In this episode we get into a whole host of interesting and linked topics:

Impression Management - how we work (non)strategically to manage how others see us

Self Presentation - how we will work to present our 'best possible self' according to context

Face and facework - the lines we negotiate, others give us or let us take in interaction and how they shape our identity(ies)

Dark side of EI - how emotional intelligence can be used to change behavior of others

Principles of Influence - linking to Cialdini's 6 principles (Authority, Liking, Social Proof, Scarcity, Commitment and Consistency and Reciprocity)

This was a joy to record and I hope that you enjoy listening to it. 

Yes, it is

a) long

b) geeky

c) academic at times

d) practical at times 

It is also a whole lot of fun and you, dear listener, are getting a deep insight into human interaction.  ENJOY!!!!


EI (including the “dark side”)

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Credibility/image restoration

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Impression management

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Self-presentation / self-disclosure

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