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February 24, 2018 @ 6:55 am

Episode 17 - Emotion at Work Stories - Burnout

This episode picks up the Emotion at Work in Stories theme I shared at the start of 2018. This time with Amy King (@Amy_C_King) as my guest, we take a trip into how burnout has been a part of her life in recent years.

We explore the knowing and not knowing that you are becoming burned out, how loving what she does has contributed towards Amy's burnout experience and how she now approaches life (or does her best to do so) in a way that will prevent it from happening again.   

As well as exploring the practical, tangible and everyday things Amy has done and continues to do, we get into how psychology, sociology and wider aspects of burnout.

With this being a Stories episode there aren’t many references as such. There are some things from the news and other places we talk about and here are the links to those things:

When not being sick causes harm


Book - The Obstacle is the Way


Sleep and Burnout


Blog post from Karen Bevan about her experiences with what she calls a 'breaking point'


A TED talk that Any shared with me that she likes and thinks needs to be in the show notes


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