This podcast is about sharing ideas, insights, research and experiences around emotion in the workplace.  Here we explore the breadth and depth of emotions so listeners can use what we discuss to help enrich lives or help protect from or reduce harm.  We focus on the roles #emotion #credibility and #deception play in the workplace.
In this episode our founder, Phil Willcox is talking with Georgie Nightingall about changing up the standard networking type conversation.  A lot of the talk we do, especially in a networking type setting is ritualised.  What we mean by that is the types of questions we ask, the responses we give and the way we interact is almost pre-set.  A good example of this would be the classic 'So... what do you do?' type question at a networking event.  During our conversation we go on to explore conversations in the workplace, in teams, on line and the link to the identity or identities we build for ourselves.  We also cover identity at work, at home and how the boundaries can/do/will become blurred.  I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Georgie and below are the links to all the different theories or concepts we have discussed:
Relevance theory and meaning:
Trigger Conversations and their events:
Conversation(al) rtiuals
Allowable contributions
Allowable contributions and improvisation:
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