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This podcast is about sharing ideas, insights, research and experiences around emotion in the workplace.  Here we explore the breadth and depth of emotions so listeners can use what we discuss to help enrich lives or help protect from or reduce harm.  We focus on the roles #emotion #credibility and #deception play in the workplace. 

Our first episode is more of a broadcast from our founder (Phil Willcox) talking about why the emotion at work podcast is a thing.  He sets out:

1) That the podcasts will be a series of conversations with researchers and/or practitioners and/or business leaders.  Some guests may be in more than one camp.

2) Each podcast will be an authentic recording of the conversation that was had.  There will be no splicing editing or cutting out.  We want you the listener to hear it in its true form.

3) This podcast supports the goals of emotion at work as what you hear will be helpful in enirching lives or reducing harm in the workplace.  The guests and Phil talk about hints, tips and techniques to help listeners find out how to work with emotion, credibility and deception in the workplace more effectively.  

4) That we are a work in progress.  This is the first of many podcasts and we will learn and evolve with time.  We are excited you are along for the ride.

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Here we go.....


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